Brigham City Mercantile Cooperative
THE BARON WOOLEN MILL, located in Brigham City Utah, presents an opportunity for a regional, specialized commercial and retail destination. Its target market for customers and potential tenant recruitment includes Box Elder, Weber and Cache Counties. These counties have seen a growth in specialty niche businesses. For example Ogden has focused its niche on becoming “the hub’ of the ski industry and has successfully relocated ScottUSA, Descente and Snow Sports Interactive to name but a few. Logan, Utah is becoming known as a specialty food destination being lead by the acclaimed Crumb Brothers Bakery and Brigham City has long been known as Utah’s capital for peaches and other fruit orchards. It is also emerging as a center for artisan crafts and home-based industries, as evident through the success of the annual Brigham City Heritage Arts Festival. The Made in Utah movement is gaining momentum and Buy Local First has seen its membership grow to 1500 in just two years.