From the Ground Up
Jaren began his own development career by purchasing a home and fixing it up for resale.  He took the proceeds from the sale and bought something bigger.  His father and grandfather had each done some real estate development, so he began a development career creating JLD Development which complimented his sales career.  Jaren has grown his business interests from that one fixer-upper to having now developed both residential, commercial, and conservation projects.

Creative Problem-Solving
Jaren understands quality of life issues and is recognized in the community as a creative problem-solver.  In 1997, his grandmother needed assistance with every day living, and he was very dissatisfied with her options for care.  When he was told she needed to go on a waiting list and live in a place he felt did not dignify her life, he determined he would “see that there are other choices for our elderly to live.”  He shocked the retirement world with new ideas and built a facility which incorporated a new vision for retirement living.  The facility he built is thought to be the best “West of the Mississippi” and has won Best of State.

Award-Winning Communities
Jaren won another award for his development in the Avenues of downtown Salt Lake City.  His planned unit development won Best Subdivision Plan by the League of Cities and Towns.  This town home project is named Ensign Place and was built in an older, existing area, designed to give the impression of having been built back in the same time as the neighborhood.  The twin-style town homes were built to give the appearance of being a single family home and had the garages face the rear so no doors are visible from the street.

Understanding Needs and Preservation
In leading the Quality Growth Commission Jaren learned our state has needs in protecting critical lands.  He had purchased 347 acres in Weber County to develop into industrial and manufacturing facilities.  After learning the rare character of this land and its historical nature (having been the Weber River Delta), he has begun working with groups to preserve this land to be used for wildlife.

While working on another project, Jaren learned The Baron Woolen Mill in Brigham City, Utah, was going to be torn down and replaced with condominiums.  As the last coop in the LDS church, Jaren decided to buy the property and restore it to preserve its invaluable history. 

While developing property in Draper, Jaren found that the milk barn on a property he was developing had historical interest in the community, and he is helping assisting the city in with this historical building until the city can find an appropriate spot for relocation and community enjoyment.

Economic Growth
Jaren’s interests extend to the hospitality industry as he is an owner of the Zermatt Resort and Spa.  He has learned by serving people relocating to our state, and those visiting for tourism and leisure, what it is visitors love about Utah.  Zermatt is a major employer of the Heber Valley and an icon to show off the beauty of our state.  The resort has served as host to numerous dignitaries and guests from all over the world, further extending the state’s wonderful reputation for hospitality.  Zermatt has earned 6 Best-of-State Awards and the BOSS trophy—this property has just been awarded a 4-Star status from AAA.