Northshore this parcel in Weber County, Utah is 347 acres on the north shore of the Great Salt Lake and is immediately adjacent to the Weber Wildlife Refuge.  The refuge was the first project built in the United States using the Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937.

This is a very sensitive area of the State and Nation as the lands surrounding this property support tens of thousands of waterfowl and shorebird species along with a myriad of other wetland obligate species.  The Great Salt Lake and its surrounding wetlands provide a crucial link for migrating waterfowl and shorebirds that few areas can match in importance.  The Great Salt Lake has been designated as one of the seven most important migratory bird habitats in North America.  This parcel is a key piece in a puzzle including State, Federal, and private non-profit organizations managing wetlands.

Large undeveloped tracts of land adjacent to the Great Salt Lake are rare and those that still exist are of negligible value.  This parcel of 347 acres is an exception as itsits adjacent to the high quality wetlands of Ogden Bay, is within a short distance of the Great Salt Lake and in close proximity to the Willard Spur and Bear River Bird Refuge.  These areas are the backbone of the wetland habitats on the northern half of the Great Salt Lake.

The surrounding area is feeling the strain of urban development.  Western Weber County has experienced significant growth over the past ten years and the growth continues.  Housing, roads, commercial and industrial development are all moving in a rapid pace and show on sign of stopping.  This parcel is a prime location for industrial growth as it has a rail spur, water, freeway access, utilities, and is zoned for industrial/manufacturing.  Keeping this parcel out of development and preserving it will not only protect this asset which would be lost forever but will stifle the growth to the west as this land would be used as a buffer.

As stated, projects of this size a rare and key to the success in creating wetland.  This parcel once had the Weber River running through it and as a historic delta.  Playa is the rarest of wetland habitats and my parcel has natural playa which can be enhanced significantly in creating wetland by adding water.  The conservation groups have tried many ways to build playa; for example adding salt to the ground, which to date has been unsuccessful.  By simply reintroducing water in a very short time period playa will be added to the environment.